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  • Rebecca Jaycox

Lightfall has finally landed!

Before the pandemic, my partner, M.A. Phipps, and I wrote LightFall. So that was in 2019! We entered it into SwoonReads for the chance to win a publishing contract, not realizing the imprint was going to shut down. Then 2020 hit, I got pregnant, the world went into lockdown, and now, after almost three years, LightFall is out into the world! It feels so good to have this beautiful book available for you to discover, and you can finally have Luna and Caleb's story.

But don't worry, we haven't been sitting around and not writing since 2019, lol. DarkRise, book two, is already available on preorder for November, and we're halfway through with the final book in the trilogy, which will hit shelves in January.

If you love enemies to lovers, found family, hidden worlds, heroes with deadly secrets, and angels and demons, this is the book for you! It's also free if you have KU, but I have to say, the physical copies are stunning.

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