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  • Rebecca Jaycox

Happy Valentine's Day!

Well, Cupid is missing the mark on my characters these days. Honestly, in this final book, I'm putting them through the wringer. Spoiler alert, everyone is in peril and unhappy about it. Well, actually, Reggie's best friend, John, is in something a little sweet and complicated. And unexpected. I like when characters don't listen to you and decide to go their own way.

Are you reading anything romantic this Valentine's Day? I'm currently a little over halfway through "Pacifica," a really great YA dystopian novel. Oh, and my friend and client Brandi Elledge's debut YA paranormal/urban fantasy novel "The Werewolf Queen" debuts February 26! If you loved Charlaine Harris's "Southern Vampire" series, this is right up your alley. Funny and swoon worthy, I really loved working on this book.

I'll leave you with something better than flowers. My kitty in his cat cave!

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