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  • Rebecca Jaycox

Happy New Year!

Can you believe it's already 2019? What are your resolutions this year? For me, it's finishing "The Inheritance" trilogy and finding an agent for a children's book I recently wrote. Also, it's teaching my new cat, Felix, how to use the toilet, so I can take him on an epic summer adventure! He's already leash-trained and is great on an airplane, so I think he's almost ready to go.

As far as "The Other War" goes, I'm halfway done. As a full-time editor, it's hard to sneak in writing time when I'm editing novels all day and literally judging them. Then I start judging myself. Vicious cycle! But I'm determined to do this. I also want to finish this incredible journey because I have three other books in my head begging to be written.

I'm also determined to read more books for pleasure this year. For starters, I'm going to finish "The Golden Curse" by my friend, the talented Michelle Lynn, and then finish "Lifelike," also another amazing read so far. My TBR backlist sits around 80 books, so I need to get reading!

Enjoy the New Year, and I hope you have your best year yet!

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