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After a number of violent incidents brand seventeen-year-old LUNA as a danger to others, she’s committed to a psychiatric hospital, reaffirming what she’s always known—she’s crazy. Only one person disagrees with her diagnosis: the new doctor with the bewildering golden glow who insists she’s “special” and doesn’t belong there. When he arranges to have her transferred to a school in Egypt for children with angelic blood, Luna is forced to question if she’s actually insane or if there’s possibly more to her troubled past than she thought.

CALEB is a Dark Nephilim student at the Tower of Babel Academy in Iraq. Despite being the third generation of his bloodline, he’s more gifted than many of his peers, making him the perfect candidate to go undercover as an exchange student at the school for Light Nephilim in Alexandria. Once there, he has only one mission: find a way to free his grandfather, Alexander the Great, who was entombed after trying to conquer the world.

When Luna and Caleb cross paths, their outcast natures draw them to each other despite everyone around them saying Lights and Darks can’t be friends. With millennia of prejudice working against them, can they overcome the divide built to keep them apart? Or will the building trail of secrets and lies they discover destroy their fragile, new-found bond?

LIGHTFALL is the first book in the YA paranormal romance trilogy The Origin Prophecy, a loose Romeo + Juliet retelling about two teenage Nephilim caught on opposing sides of an ancient feud.


Remember your bloodline. That lesson has been drilled into eighteen-year-old CALEB since childhood, and as grandson to Alexander the Great, he has always respectfully heeded those words. But when that loyalty lands him in the middle of an uprising that could lead to a war that would rival the Fall, Caleb realizes that family isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be. Especially when the price for that blind devotion is the girl he loves.

LUNA thought she nearly lost her mind once, but four months in a hidden celestial realm has her teetering closer to insanity than ever before. Imprisoned by the Council for her role in Alexander’s release, she spends her days obsessing over the revelation of her true identity and having conversations with people who might not actually be there. Trapped in a cage where time never moves and reality and hallucination have become intertwined, only one thing remains clear to Luna: she will never leave this place.

Caleb won’t rest until he rescues his Goldilocks, even if that means defying his grandfather and the Council to save her. But will he reach Luna before she is lost to her madness? Or will he fail and lose her again—this time forever?

DARKRISE is the second book in the YA paranormal romance trilogy The Origin Prophecy, a loose Romeo + Juliet retelling about star-crossed teenagers in a magical, hidden world of angels, demons, and Nephilim.

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